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Archive for November, 2008

Web Directory PHPLD Theme

Posted On November 3rd, 2008 By

I hope sometime in life you have been on my other directory named “Web Directory“. If not probably it’s time to visit it; Because this particular template is low-fi version of the template that WebDirectory.Org.In has been using since last few months. The templates has been appreciated by lot of people and there were few requests for the template. I saw no harm in releasing a low-fi version of the same template, so here it is. Presenting the Web Directory PHPLD Theme for all new PHPLinkDirectory versions.

Web Directory PHPLD template is a two column template and has the looks of a premium template. You can have site description right on the top. With beautiful header images and structure, you of course will get your visitors on the directory even more excited. The template is a two column theme with left sidebar. The sidebar was kept broad enough to support 200pixels wide banners or Adsense advertisements. Of course you can link to your directory categories or your link partners in left sidebar. The template looks good with two column category structure only. Don’t try other number of columns as it will only break the template.

Web Directory phpLD template has been tested in all major browsers including Safari and all new Google Chrome. The template is available for phpLD 2.2, phpLD 3.2 AND PHPld 3.3. I think the template is good to go on any niche directory.  🙂

More Details:

Designed By: Free PHPLD Templates.

Template By: Web Directory.

PHPLD Version: Web Directory template works on phpLD Version 2.1.2/2.2.0, v3.2.0 and v3.3.0

Terms for Use: You are not allowed to add nofollow attribute to the footer links of designer and template provider or remove them in any circumstances. Believe me, it’s not worth to remove the links. It will only brings problem to you and lot of time waste for me. You may not redistribute the template without our consent. Template is however free to use as long as Terms of Use are followed.

Download Link:

Live Demo: You can visit Web for the live demo of 3.3 Version of the template.


Web Directory PHPLD Template

Web Directory PHPLD Template

I hope you like this template. I think this is the first phpld v3.3 template we have launched for free. So really hoping the best feedback for this! Many more will come soon!

Web Directory PHPLD Theme © Ally Web Directory.

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