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Clean Green PHPLD Template

Posted On March 15th, 2007 By Ally Web Directory

Clean Green phpLD template is a very nice and clean and green template. Nice looking navigation bar and a very nice header which also accommodates a small banner space. You can fully utilize the banner space with your sponsor’s banners or your yahoo/adsense publisher ads. This is a great way to advertise.

The category structure is very unique and helps in maintaining the alignment of the various subcategories and categories boxes. Best for 3 column categories 🙂

CleanGreen PHPLD Template Details:

Designed By: PHPLD Templates

(PHPLD Templates is a part of Ally Web Directory) 😀

Sponsored By: Alive Web Directory and Ally Business Directory.

(We are very thankful to Alive Web Directory for sponsoring this template)

Terms For Use: Clean Green PHPLD Template is free to use as long as the footer links to Alive Web Directory and Ally Business Directory remains intact in the footer. Please note that the footer link removal option is not available. Any person/directory found using the template against our terms will be taken action upon!

PHPLD Version: Clean Green is available for three PHPLD Version (v3.1 , v3.0.6 and v2.1)

Download Link:

Click here for downloading Clean Green PHPLD Template For All Versions. (Downloaded 1799 Times)

Screenshot: Here is the screenshot of the Clean Green phpLD Template

Clean Green PHPLD Template

Clean Green PHPLD Template

We, at Ally Directory, hope that you like the Clean Green phpLD template. Any reviews feedback from you would be much appreciated.

Clean Green PHPLD Template © Ally Web Directory

6 Responses to Clean Green PHPLD Template

  1.   Abhik Says:

    Cool Template..
    I just have used it in Its Version 3.2 ans its working perfectly.

  2.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Thanks for letting us know Abhik!!!

  3.   fredg61 Says:

    I recently downloaded this template for 2.1 version and the thumbnail pics are showing a red x and just the websites names next to the links. How can I fix this or can I somehow delete the thumbnails?

  4.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    When the template was launched, people used MSN.Girafa’s services for website’s thumbnails Now, they have stopped that service. So the code needs to be replaced. I will soon update all the templates with some new service, probably thumbshots. Keep tuned!

  5.   Samuel Says:

    I have downloaded the template on my site and was just wondering about the update on the new website thumbnails service.
    Also, any idea how to add the google analytics code to the head.tpl, when ever i do add it i get some smarty error code.
    Thanks a lot – Awesome template!

  6.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Hi Samuel.
    Sorry for the late reply.
    I guess you have already sorted the issue with thumbnail service. We will update the template soon. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.
    As for adding analytics, well you have to enclose the analytics code between {literal} and {/literal} for the code to work in PHPLD. Hope that helps.

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