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FreeListingZ PHPLD Template

Posted On May 17th, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

FreeListingZ Template is a free phpLD Template, which originally belongs to a new free web directory called

It’s a beautiful white colored template, with gray colored tree besides it. The template comes for only PHPLD Version 2.1.2 and is brought to you free by Ally’s PHPLD Templates and

The template is well structured, pretty good in looks and simple, almost imageless theme. It best suits in two column with 3 subcategories shown. The tree adds all the elegance in the template. Really a wonderful theme. Please have a look at the screenshot for better understanding. Please note that Logo.psd is included in the template files, along with the template installation instructions.

Free ListingZ PHPLD Template:

Designed By: Ally Creations.

Template Sponsors: Template By: Free PHPLD Templates and Free Listings.

Terms for Use: Free ListingZ PHPLD template have a footer link to Free PHPLD Templates and Free Listings Directory. Free ListingZ free phpLD template is a free to use template. However you are not allowed to remove the links to the designer and sponsor. Also, the footer link removal option at a cost, is not available. So please, do not remove the links!

PHPLD Versions: Free ListingZ phpLD Template is available for PHPLD Version 2.1.2 only!

(Please take backup before using any phpLD Template)

Download Link: Click Here To Download FreeListingz PHPLD Template. (Downloaded 1786 Times)

Screenshot: Click Here For A Full Size Screenshot.

Low Resolution Screenshot of FreeListingZ PHPLD Template:

FreeListingZ PHPLD Template

FreeListingZ PHPLD Template

We hope you like this template. Please leave your feedbacks and comments!

Free Listingz PHPLD Template © Ally Web Directory.

6 Responses to FreeListingZ PHPLD Template

  1.   Ricardo Carapeto Says:

    Hi there!

    I love this template, but I was wondering if is it possible to integrate adsense on it. If so, I would like some instructions to do so.


  2.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Hello Ricardo.

    Adsense integration is possible in each and every template. You just have to add the code. A better way to do it is:

    1. Make a new .tpl or .txt file and name it as google.tpl or google.txt. Then add your adsense code in the file and upload the file to your template directory.
    2. Where ever you want to add the ads, just pick that file, usually top_bar.tpl, left.tpl main.tpl or footer.tpl. And add the following line at the desired location.
    {include file=”google.tpl”}
    That should integrate your desired adsense into PHPLD template!

  3.   Arupa Says:

    Just to let you know its one of the most beautiful templates Ive come across and Ive gladly put it up here Thank you!


  4.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Thanks Arupa. Your Directory looks great!

  5.   Suresh Says:

    Sir, I need step by step installation details on cpanel ?

  6.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    You need to use the PHPLinkDirectory script in order to use this template. Look for the installation details over that website and you should be done.

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