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Green Shade PHPLD Template

Posted On March 24th, 2007 By Ally Web Directory

Green Shade phpLD Template is the “Hottest” and Most Preferred phpLD Template. Not only because of the great and wonderful looks it gives to your phpLD powered directories, but also because it is so very easy to customize. You can do so many things with this template and you will never run out of space.  😀 This template is certainly the best available template from Ally Web Directory.

Green Shade Template was the first phpLD template from Ally Directory. However it was available for only version 3.0.6 and v2.1. Well we now have launched Green Shade template for version 3.1.0 as well. Just so that you never stay behind the others 😉

With Green Shade phpLD Template on your directories, we are sure that your directory get the looks, the elegance, the space and all the beauty besides making it look very professional. 🙂

Green Shade phpLD Template Details:

Designed By: PHPLD Templates

(PHPLD Templates is a part of Ally Web Directory)

Sponsored By:

Version 2.1.0 Sponsored By Ally Business Directory And Free Stuff.
Version 3.0.6 Sponsored By Alive Web Directory And Ally Business Directory.
Version 3.1.0 Sponsored By Big Web Links Directory And Ally Web Directory.
Version 3.2.0 Sponsored By Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory .

(We are very thankful to Free Stuff, Alive Web Directory, Big Web Links Directory and Web Directory List for sponsoring this template)

Terms For Use: Green Shade PHPLD Template is free to use as long as the footer links to Free Stuff and Ally Business Directory( for version 2.1) and Alive Web Directory Directory and Ally Business Directory (for version 3.0.6) and Big Web Links Directory Directory and Ally Web Directory (for version 3.1.0) and Web Directory List and Ally Web Directory (for version 3.2.0)remains intact in the footer. Please note that the footer link removal option is not available. Any person/directory found using the template against our terms will be taken action upon!

PHPLD Version: Green Shade phpLD Template is available for four PHPLD Version (v3.2, v3.1, v3.0.6 and v2.1).

Download Link:

Click here for downloading Green Shade PHPLD Template version 2.1.0. (Downloaded 1959 Times)
Click here for downloading Green Shade PHPLD Template version 3.0.6. (Downloaded 1914 Times)
Click here for downloading Green Shade PHPLD Template version 3.1.0. (Downloaded 1806 Times)
Click here for downloading Green Shade PHPLD Template version 3.2.0. (Downloaded 2088 Times)

Screenshot : A low resolution preview of the Green Shade phpLD Template:

Green Shade PHPLD Template

Green Shade PHPLD Template


We, at Ally Directory, hope that you like the Green Shade phpLD template. Any reviews feedback from you would be much appreciated.

Green Shade phpLD Template © Ally Web Directory

5 Responses to Green Shade PHPLD Template

  1.   Rahul Says:

    Hello. Thanks for the beautiful template. this is really best phpld template

  2.   Jezz Says:

    thanks for the greenie 🙂

  3.   Honey Says:

    I never realised that a directory can look so beautiful…..thank you for the green shade template

    Best Regards

  4.   Daniel Cutts Says:


    I love the template I just cant get the screenshot to work… anysuggestions??

    Thanks in advanced


  5.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Daniel, when the template was launched, at that time we used to have the screenshot provider as msn.grapha. Now that they have discontinued the service, one can go for or some similar service for screenshots.

    You will have to change the msn.graph code in link.tpl and with “”

    In case you can’t, then don’t worry…i will update all the templates with the newest screeshots and make them available for download pretty soon!

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