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Submission Information and Rules

  • Do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.
  • Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • Ally Web Directory has a policy against the inclusion of sites with illegal content. Examples of illegal material include child pornography; libel; material that infringes any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence). We do not promote sites with content of nudity and hate!
  • We do not accept Gambling sites with paypal as payments mode. Please use 2Checkout or Moneybookers in it's case!
  • Do not submit sites "under construction." Wait until a site is complete before submitting it. Sites that are incomplete, contain "Under Construction" notices, or contain broken graphics or links aren't good candidates for the directory.
  • Non-English sites are acceptable. However you need to submit your non-english sites to the appropriate category under World. It would be better if the description of your site is in English, even if the content on your site is in some other language.
  • The basic criteria for acceptance is that your site contains original content. If your site is a mirror site or primarily contains links selling affiliate products, it will be rejected. Do not submit websites consisting largely of affiliate links or made for adsense. Such links aren't good candidates for the directory and may not be approved
  • Website placement and description used is at the sole discretion of the Ally directory. If added in wrong category, we have the rights to move it to a proper category. If you are unable to find a right category for your listings, just submit to the most relevant category and send us a mail at We will create that category for you as soon as we can. Only Featured listings are allowed in Top categories.
  • Make sure you follow our submission rules and guidelines. We do not entertain any REFUNDS. The listing price is for honest and thorough review by an editor. It will not be refunded.
  • Once your listing has been submitted, reviewed and approved in our directory, it is seen as content of We reserve the right to Edit, Modify, Delete The Link/Listing, if deemed necessary. However, if your website has been penalized by search engines, then we have no problems to add "rel="nofollow" to your link, but it will not be removed from the directory, as long as a small admin fee is paid.
  • If at a later stage, you want to remove your listing from our directory, you'll have to pay a removal fee of USD $10 via paypal and send it to paypal address Please include your listing details with the payment.
  • Use proper case for significant words in the title. Capitalize the first letter of each sentence in descriptions, as well as proper nouns. Submissions that contain fields in all UPPER CASE or all lower case will not be accepted.
  • For payments for the website listings, we accept and trust only on paypal
  • Payments via echecks, will be reviewed once the payments are cleared.
  • Regular links in top categories are not allowed as on now
  • To maintain our editorial standards, it may take upto 20 days to review your listing.
  • By proceeding with submission of your website, you hereby agree to accept all our Terms n Conditions as mentioned here.
  • The submission guidelines may keep on changing from time to time. It is advisable that you read the TOS everytime you return for another submission.
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Featured Listings (With 5 Extra Deeplinks)$99.99 (Lifetime)
Featured Listing (Without Deeplinks)$74.99 (Lifetime)
Regular Listings (With 3 Extra Deeplinks)$49.99 (Lifetime)
Regular Listings (Without Deeplinks)$24.99 (Lifetime)
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