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Listing's Details For Yogurt From Home: Making And Eating Cultured Dairy
Yogurt From Home: Making And Eating Cultured Dairy

Learn to make healthy, probiotic yogurt, greek yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream, kefir and more. Milk and cream can be cultured using only two ingredients. The easy to follow instructions, with photos and tips, guide you from start to finish. Besides actually saving money you'll be eating healthier! Lactic acid bacteria ferment the milk or cream, making cultured dairy products naturally probiotic and easier to digest. Plus since you control the ingredients, they contain no unhealthy sweeteners, additives, preservatives, fillers,thickeners or stabilizers. As foods become increasingly processed and tinkered with, it’s important to find sources of nourishing, natural foods. What better place than your home? Homemade yogurt makes a wonderful diet food because it's low in calories and can be eaten in so many healthy ways. Yes, you can even enjoy low calorie, healthy desserts! Cultured dairy products are delicious eaten in a variety of ways. Yogurt is among the most versatile of foods. Strain it (labneh or Greek), Freeze it, enjoy it plain with fruit or sweetened. The many interesting yogurt, sour cream and buttermilk recipes offer delicious ways to eat cultured dairy.

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Date Added: February 01, 2013 05:17:22 PM

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