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How To Choose A Quality Web Directory

Posted On April 6th, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

Nearly a majority of people are aware of and consider PR as an imperative aspect for determining excellent web directories. However, with thorough understanding, it is still very far from being the lone factor for the consideration. We have put in our efforts to highlight a few other factors that must be taken into consideration at the time of assessing the web directories. These might not be the only important aspects, although could be called unavoidable.

  1. To begin with, it is always mandatory to review the directory’s listings and its consecutive descriptions. These are the things that give an in-depth about the directory and its reputation amongst its users. In case if the titles or the descriptions do not provide a complete sentence and give out gibberish words, then it should be understood that this particular directory does not provide an editorial examination. Not only do they look spammed but also appear disorganized. Besides, it also gives an idea that the directory does not review the content of the listings in it.
  2. Do not forget to check with the directory rating. For example, if the directory claims itself to be a kids-friendly, then make an effort to check manually if any adult content is added in it or not. This might often mislead internet users and will create a negative impact as well. However, there is going to be a difference of opinions in a lot of cases here, but you can use the directory’s search function in order to look up sites with unacceptable keywords.
  3. The easiest way to check the authenticity of a given web directory is through the search engines. Query the keywords contained in the directory on the search engines and check the results returned. An important tip to remember here is that if the listings do come up with the major categories in the directory then the quality of that directory is pretty good. It could also be concluded that the search engine recognizes the directory which has great quality obviously.
  4. In addition, also make sure that the directory is well categorized. Many times, subcategories do create a good impression too. If the website is not correctly listed then you might also end up losing some potential traffic. Also, make sure that the other websites listed in the same category as yours have the same kind of subject as you do. It gets you to your target audience immediately by making sure that your site lies in the right subcategory.
  5. The directory’s backlinks play an important role in assessing its reputation on search engines. Usually, quality links are always looked at but at the same time, it should also be a strong link. It would be extremely beneficial if you manage to find a directory that has a combination of both.
  6. Lastly, the most important aspect that decides the worth of the directory is the traffic. There are a lot of ways that one can check the traffic on any directory. You can check the backlinks, which provide a fair idea of the traffic. You can also check the Alexa rating of the directory you want to be associated with. Many times a lot of webmasters only rely on the backlinks and disregard the traffic. At the same time as the backlinks are important, potential traffic is also mandatory. Since the data on Alexa is really far from being as accurate as we want, but as long as the web directories are concerned, it does not pose much of a problem for the reason that they are all webmaster sites.

There is always an ongoing debate going on between the benefits to submit in the free directories as opposed to submitting in the paid directories. Free listings are not always bad but are really time-consuming when it comes to checking the listings. The revenue earned from the paid directories is undoubtedly more than the free listings. Secondly, it becomes extremely difficult to assess the directory based on the above-mentioned factors. On the other hand, when submitting to directories you expect to be high quality or those with higher pricing, the above factors can be very useful in determining if the submission is valuable. It can also be helpful to think about these factors when composing your own directory list, choosing the directories to which you should always put forward, preferred directories, etc.

3 Responses to How To Choose A Quality Web Directory

  1.   Simon Says:

    Thanks for such a great posting. I have been scouting on the internet for information on high quality web directories. These are very useful tips,

    Thank you!

  2.   Mindy Lansdale Says:

    It’s difficult to find directories anymore that are not overrun w/spammy sites.

    Too many automated software systems that submit to thousands of directories at a time. It makes it easy for spammers to get their sites listed just trying to get link love from Google.

  3.   Vickie Ray Says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. These days finding quality web directories is very difficult and the tips you wrote in your blog post is very useful.

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