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Submissions Is The Key To Web Directory Success

Posted On November 2nd, 2006 By Ally Web Directory

While search engine technology continues to amaze the internet user and provide valuable aid to the researcher, the Web directory provides a more coherent and certain method of providing access to pertinent data. The main reason for this is the submission process. The ability of web site owners to submit their sites to directories for inclusion in specific categories and subcategories and the review and evaluation of these submissions by editors leads to a more concise list of relevant sites.

There are several different terms that relate to directory submission.

—- Free Submission. This is self explanatory. The site is reviewed and no fee is charged for either the review or the inclusion in the directory.

—- Paid Submission. Also self explanatory. A fee is charged for the submission.

—- Reciprocal Link. This means that when the submitted site is accepted and linked to the directory, it must in turn link the directory on its site.

—- No Follow. Often there is a “no follow” tag placed on the link to prevent search engines from following the link. This is done to prevent directories from unduly impacting search engine site rankings.

—- Featured Link. The link is highlighted in some manner within the category where it is placed.

—- Featured Homepage Link. This is even better, as the link is highlighted in some manner on the Directories Home Page.

One of the drawbacks that have been experienced in the past in the development of Web directories is the use of volunteer editors to review and evaluate as well as place submissions. This has often led to delays in the review process. The high speed and pace of the internet has caused most web site owners to concentrate on other things other than the development of patience. They are not happy with delays of any type. Hopefully as Web directories continue to expand and become viable and even profitable aids to site organization, this problem can be addressed.

There is no doubt that technology is expanding rapidly, but there will never be a replacement for human judgment. The future of Web directories looks very good, and it is the willingness of Web site owners to submit their sites for consideration and inclusion in the directories that is going to be the key that makes it so. When you get right down to it, there is some sense of satisfaction in retaining a bit of human control in this business of data organization and access. The ability to submit your work to the Directory that you chose, and request its inclusion in the category you intended it for provides that needed human touch.

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