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BlackPearl PHPLinkDirectory Template

Posted On January 18th, 2009 By Ally Web Directory

We’ve had BlackPearl template for PHPLinkBid and we have had the BlackPearl theme for wordpress. Now it’s time for the BlackPearl template for PHPLinkDirectory. 🙂

BlackPearl as many of our regular visitors must be knowing, is a dark colored theme with elegant graphics and grat structure. The theme has been carefully created, keeping in mind the BlackPearl wordpress theme. We have a right side sidebar in this theme that supports “About Us” box, “Latest Featured Links” box, “Sponsor Banner” box, wordpress styled two column sidebars featuring “Popular Categories” and “Our Network” for your text links. Ofcourse you can add publisher ad units like adsense unit of 336×240 🙂 There is so much space provided, so it is all up to your imagination.

The theme designer and theme script link is right in the bottom in form of images. Of course, in order to use the template you have to agree to keep those links. However if you have the unbranded version of PHPLD, then feel free to remove the phpLD image link but Ally Directory’s link has to be present in all cases.

BlackPearl PHPLD theme has been tested on all major browsers including Safari and the new Google Chrome! Please remember, this template is available only for phpLD version 3.3.0.

More Details:

Designed By: Ally Web Directory.

PHPLD Version : 3.3.0 Only.

Terms of Use: You are not allowed to use nofollow attribute on our template’s designer link. You cannot remove our link under any circumstances. Template is free to use though.

Please Note: Read the readme.txt file that is included in the template files, for enabling “Latest Featured Link” and “Popular Categories“.

Download Link: BlackPearl PHPLD Template v3.3.0 (Downloaded 6309 Times)


BlackPearl PHPLinkDirectory Template

BlackPearl PHPLinkDirectory Template

I hope you like the BlackPearl PHPLD template for the three major scripts. I really hope to see you putting up a unique feel all over your site, similar to or who are using all three scripts with our BlackPearl template. Feel the difference yourself 🙂

13 Responses to BlackPearl PHPLinkDirectory Template

  1.   Matt Says:

    I just installed your template but can’t find the login are. Am I missing something.

    Thanks and GREAT template!


  2.   Chris Says:

    This is the first time i have used phplink directory..this free black pearl theme is fantastic for my directory. I found the software easy to use and teh template very good.
    Changed the colors to suit the pink theme of my site I will have a look st some of my other domains for directories to….thanks

  3.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Matt, We have updated the template files so as to show up login panel.
    The two updated files that needs to be replaced are footer.tpl and main.css.

  4.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Chris, the theme goes well with your directory.
    However i think there can be a lighter version of pink on your directory as the present pink color hurts my eyes a little. If you know what i mean.

  5.   Rohit Says:

    I am not Able to edit the sidebar. PLease see my directory.

    And tell me how can i edit the sidebar.


  6.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Hi Rohit!
    I guess you figured it how to edit sidebar. Site looks fine to me!
    Let me know if anything else is required.

  7.   Rohit Says:

    Yeah i Did.

    Thanks very Much For Replying.

  8.   Cpjackson directory Says:

    That looks a really nice theme – I’m wondering about buying a new directory domain name just to use it!!

  9.   Karthimx Says:

    Great template. thanks for sharing.

  10.   Michael Says:

    I’m using php weby, How do I edit the about sidebar?

  11.   Szanda Says:


  12.   Clive Says:

    I want a Directory template

  13.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    I am sorry but these all are directory templates. You will have to be more specific Clive

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