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Web Directory PHPLD Theme

Posted On November 3rd, 2008 By

I hope sometime in life you have been on my other directory named “Web Directory“. If not probably it’s time to visit it; Because this particular template is low-fi version of the template that WebDirectory.Org.In has been using since last few months. The templates has been appreciated by lot of people and there were few requests for the template. I saw no harm in releasing a low-fi version of the same template, so here it is. Presenting the Web Directory PHPLD Theme for all new PHPLinkDirectory versions.

Web Directory PHPLD template is a two column template and has the looks of a premium template. You can have site description right on the top. With beautiful header images and structure, you of course will get your visitors on the directory even more excited. The template is a two column theme with left sidebar. The sidebar was kept broad enough to support 200pixels wide banners or Adsense advertisements. Of course you can link to your directory categories or your link partners in left sidebar. The template looks good with two column category structure only. Don’t try other number of columns as it will only break the template.

Web Directory phpLD template has been tested in all major browsers including Safari and all new Google Chrome. The template is available for phpLD 2.2, phpLD 3.2 AND PHPld 3.3. I think the template is good to go on any niche directory.聽 馃檪

More Details:

Designed By: Free PHPLD Templates.

Template By: Web Directory.

PHPLD Version: Web Directory template works on phpLD Version 2.1.2/2.2.0, v3.2.0 and v3.3.0

Terms for Use: You are not allowed to add nofollow attribute to the footer links of designer and template provider or remove them in any circumstances. Believe me, it’s not worth to remove the links. It will only brings problem to you and lot of time waste for me. You may not redistribute the template without our consent. Template is however free to use as long as Terms of Use are followed.

Download Link:

Live Demo: You can visit Web for the live demo of 3.3 Version of the template.


Web Directory PHPLD Template

Web Directory PHPLD Template

I hope you like this template. I think this is the first phpld v3.3 template we have launched for free. So really hoping the best feedback for this! Many more will come soon!

Web Directory PHPLD Theme 漏 Ally Web Directory.

31 Responses to Web Directory PHPLD Theme

  1.   Tutyana Says:

    Great theme, I really like it. Thanks for making it free! Looking forward to your more new themes!


  2.   Tutyana Says:

    Once again, I am using your theme for my new directory. Thanks for providing such a nice template.
    I just wonder how can I place picture for each category like the above snapshot. Is it possible for theme v2.2?
    One more question – how do I change the sub-title for each page since I want to change title “Browse Category” to be “Submit Sites” on submit page.
    Thank you in advance for your support.

  3.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Hi Tutyana
    Well, we did not place the category image so as to provide uniqueness to our original template at
    I am sure you can find the mod itself which is known as phpld category icon mod. The mod is made by Syed Balkhi. This would require some html knowledge which i can safely assume that you know pretty well. I just checked your directory and you are doing a fine job with modifications.
    And yes, it is possible with version 2.2
    As for changing the sub title to submit sites instead of browse directory, open top_bar.tpl
    At line 48, you will see: “Browse Directory”

    Replace it with: “{if $in_page_title==”{l}Submit Link{/l}”}Submit Links{else}Browse Directory{/if}”

    Alternatively you can download the zip file for 2.2 again and replace the top_bar.tpl. I have already made the changes to the template zip file.

  4.   Tutyana Says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply and support.
    Beside the changes on top_bar.tpl file, I also found out that I need to change the submit.tpl file by adding the following script on second line to make it works:
    {capture assign=”in_page_title”}{l}Submit Link{/l}{/capture}

    Thanks a lot,

  5.   DressUp9 Says:


  6.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Thank you Tutyana. That was really helpful. I really appreciate it.
    I have changed the template files altogether. So others do not need to make changes! 馃檪

  7.   Tim Says:

    How can I remove all those links to the websites on the right panel?

  8.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Tim, i am sorry but i don’t see a right panel. If however you meant the left sidebar then you can edit the file named left_side.tpl in the /templates/ folder.

  9.   Keith Says:

    I have downloaded the template but can only get an error message, whta am i doing wrong ?

  10.   Alfonso Says:

    hola necesito saber como instalar las plantillas, alguien me puede ayudar?

  11.   Brian Says:

    Just wanted to say check out my directory. I have alot of work to do, but thanks fo the theme. I installed this theme on mine 馃檪

  12.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    KeithIf we could have the url of the directory, wherein you are facing the problem, then we can definitely help you better.
    As for now, we just hope that you uploaded the correct phpLD version template!

  13.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Alfonso, Puede ind la plantilla de instalaci贸n de la documentaci贸n sobre Sin embargo, s贸lo para ayudar a los peque帽os, si est谩 utilizando la versi贸n 2 de la secuencia de comandos PHPLD luego de subir y reemplazar los archivos de plantilla en la ra铆z / carpeta de plantillas. En el caso de la versi贸n 3 de PHPLD, que cargue toda la plantilla en la carpeta root / templates / carpeta. Si necesita m谩s ayuda, entonces puede enviar el FTP y me voy a cargar la plantilla de m铆 mismo. Gracias

    P.S.: Lo siento por mi espa帽ol. Sol铆a traductor Google servicio para responder a su pregunta.

  14.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Brian, You have definitely done some great work on the directory.
    I however do feel that Adsense unit could have been much better placed. Other than that all looks great 馃檪

  15.   Keith Says:

    Hi, my url is as follows,

    I have tried all three downloads and they all say the same,


  16.   Rob Says:


    Wonderful Template. Thanks very much.

    Just wondered if its possible to change the background to grey and keep everything else white. Like the professional default template for v 3.3. I edited the layout.css but everything changed color. (just need the areas outside different color)

    Also, can u make the thumbnails bigger for the listings?



  17.   Daniel Says:

    Hi, I am having the same issue as Keith. I changed many admin features back to the defaults along with 2 columns. It still recognizes 3.3 as “Not Valid”.
    I am usually pretty krafty with these things but this one really stumps me… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18.   Reid Says:

    Thanks for the free template. without you guys the world will be no place to leave at the credit crunch period. it’s fantastic.

  19.   Daniel Says:

    I install your theme on my site but it give me this message

    Unauthorized access !!

    You’re not allowed to access file or folder!
    Looks the index.html is not the right one?

  20.   Free Link Directory Says:

    Nice theme , using 馃槈

  21.   FreeWebsDirectory Says:

    Has this been updated for phpld 3.4 ?

  22.   Swe Says:

    Nice template, but look empty..

  23.   Travel Directory Says:

    Nice template. Good job.

  24.   Scolada Says:

    Nice Template! Please update it for phpld 3.4 too 馃檪

  25.   Antonio Says:

    Do you have templates to sell? How many is the cost?
    Your templates are excellent!!!

    Regards from Monterrey Mexico.

  26.   Create Own Directory Says:

    Design is awesome in the template. Look more fancy for a web directory. Nice one. Thanks for the post.

  27.   Cloningan Says:

    Still confuse how to change the theme

  28.   Ronarsoft Directory Says:

    Great Theme, My Own Directory ready to install it.

  29.   Jim Jones Says:

    How do yo add images to posts in 2.2?

  30.   David xhep Says:

    Thanks good work.

  31.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Which version are we talking about?

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