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Ally-Bid Free PHPLinkBid Template

Posted On June 13th, 2007 By PHPLinkBid Templates

Ally Web Directory presents their second phpLinkBid template for your PHPLinkBid powered bidding directories.

Ally-Bid phpLinkBid template works on version 1.2 and now is also available for Version1.4 & 1.4.2

Ally-Bid phpLinkBid template has already been much famous before the launch. Particularly for the reason that the categories show up on the left sidebar thus making it compact than many other phpLinkBid templates on the net. Certainly, the new innovations work out more and sell more. So this concept was new, and used like anything. The Ally-Bid template became much famous and appreciated even before the launch.

The Ally-Bid phpLinkBid template looks like a spiral bind pieces of paper. Multi-colors on the template makes it look even better. Link leader shows up as a unique standalone link, so it surely motivates people to bid more and more to get that topnotch spot of link leader 😉 . Of course, then we have the space for partners and sponsor links in the left sidebar, just beneath the categories.

So all in all, Ally-Bid phpLinkBid template can be considered as “Should be used kind of template”, for that eXtra beauty for your bidding directory.

Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid template details:

Designed By: Team.

Sponsored By: Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory

(We are very thankful to Web Directory List for sponsoring this template)

Terms For Use: Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid template is free to use as long as the footer links to Web Directory List and Ally Web Directory remains intact in the footer. Please note that the footer link removal option is not available. Any person/directory found using the template against our terms will be taken action against!

Partial Preview:


Ally-Bid Free PHPLinkBid Template

Download Link:

Ally-Bid phpLB Version 1.2 >> Click Here To Download Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid Template
Ally-Bid phpLB Version 1.4 >> Click Here To Download Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid Template

We, at Ally Directory, hope that you like the Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid template. Any reviews feedback from you would be much appreciated.

Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid Template © Ally Web Directory.

10 Responses to Ally-Bid Free PHPLinkBid Template

  1.   Jeff Says:

    Nice but leaving your link in defeats the purpose… just charge for the damn template… take the money and forget about it… I would pay a reasonable sum but I’m not interested in your promotion at the bottom of my site… best of luck


  2.   PHPLinkBid Templates Says:

    Well Jeff. We have to promote our sites one way or the other. We invest a lot in releasing free themes for the community. Doing so atleast we deserve to keep our link in footer.
    On other hand if you want premium templates, wherein we take money for the template, then probably you can pay, but most of the users won’t. Instead we would suggest that you contact the designers at for a custom p[roject. They will give your bidding directory the complete looks you want….and you can keep the footer link >> linkless 🙂
    Thanks for consideration though.

  3.   burndirectory Says:

    This is the best template ever. I just upgraded to 1.4 (beta by now, but will be released within days). PLEASE make the v1.4 version ASAP!

  4.   PHPLinkBid Templates Says:

    BurningDirectory, We will be doing that for all our templates once the new version is out. Just waiting for the v1.4 script of phpLinkBid.

  5. Says:

    I love this template and I am already using it here:
    Thanks and keep em coming 😀

  6.   PHPLinkBid Templates Says:

    rmsiu hanks for using the template. It looks great.
    More templates and 1.4 version of the existing templates will be out in couple of days 🙂

  7.   ibasq Says:


    I love this template but when will it be available for 1.4?


  8.   PHPLinkBid Templates Says:

    Well we will receive the 1.4 versions of phpLinkBid today itself. So keep watching!

  9.   Peter Says:

    thanks very much for the template, but i am a newbie in php is there a guide on how to install this template cause i got no idea how it works.
    any help would be appreciated

  10.   PHPLinkBid Templates Says:

    Hello Peter. Well the proper guide should be available at

    For now, the basic insallation wayout is that you download the zip file, unzip it and upload the folder to the …/root/tpl/ folder. Root is the place where your phplinkbid directory is installed. Upload the folder in tpl and then go to Admin and select the new theme and apply it. That’s it!

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