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Ally Blue phpLinkBid Template

Posted On July 30th, 2007 By PHPLinkBid Templates

Blue denotes cool. So is the Ally Directory’s new phpLinkBid template. And it’s perfectly named as Ally Blue phpLinkBid template. The template is beautifully designed, courtesy great designers at Ally Creations. Many Many thanks to them.

As a tradition, Ally Web Directory launched yet another phpLinkBid template which supports both the alphabets and categories at the same time, thus providing the advertisers on your bidding directory, a bonus with every link they purchase. The special beautified box for the top leader would make every advertiser on your bidding directory want to bid maximum to get the spot. Undoubtedly one of the best bidding directory template for phpLinkBid templates.

Ally Blue phpLinkBid Template works on phpLinkBid version 1.2 and phpLinkBid v1.4.x

As says it, the template is full of colors and full of life. The looks are very very pleasing to your eyes. Try it on your bidding directory and see it for yourself.

The template is little heavy on graphics. But that’s the whole beauty of it.

Ally Blue PHPLinkBid template details:

Designed By: Team.

Sponsored By: Ally Web Directory & Big Web Links Bidding Directory.

(We are very thankful to Big Web Links for sponsoring this template)

Terms For Use: Ally Tree PHPLinkBid template is free to use as long as the footer links to Big Web Links Bidding Directory and Ally Web Directory remains intact in the footer.

Please note that the footer link removal option is not available. Any person/directory found using the template against our terms will be taken action against!

Partial Preview:


Ally Blue phpLinkBid Template

Download Link:

Ally Blue phpLB Version 1.2 >> Click Here To Download Ally Blue PHPLinkBid Template
Ally Blue phpLB Version 1.4 >> Click Here To Download Ally Blue PHPLinkBid Template

We, at Ally Directory, hope that you like the Ally Blue PHPLinkBid template. Any reviews feedbacks from you would be much appreciated.

Ally Blue PHPLinkBid Template © Ally Web Directory.

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