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Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template

Posted On June 13th, 2007 By PHPLinkBid Templates

Ally Web Directory presents their third phpLinkBid template. It’s named as Ally Tree phpLinkBid template.

Ally Tree phpLinkBid template works on phpLinkBid v 1.2 and phpLinkBid 1.4.x

Ally Tree has another innovation to it’s name. It combines the feature of both PHPLinkBid 1.0 and PHPLinkBid 1.2. So, now you can have both alphabetical and normal categories on the same bidding directory, at the same time 🙂 This of course gives the freedom to existing bidding directory owners who are running phplinkbid version 1.0 and not upgrading because of the fear of losing all the indexed pages in the popular search engines. Now, they can upgrade to v1.2 happily as this template will let them have the same alphabetical pages, that they had, plus, the freedom to add new categories as is on the other directories. The same features are in in template for phpLinkBid version 1.4.x as well.

For the advertisers, the template provides other good feature. Now, all the listings will be categorized under two categories. One would be alphabetical and the other would be the category. For example if we list “Ally Web Directory”, then the directory will be shown both in categories “A” and “Web Directories”. Thus, it is more advantageous to advertisers on your bidding directory as well. Obviously that would encourage more and more people to bid on your directories. 🙂

Coming onto the looks, well, there hasn’t been a phpLinkBid template that looks cooler than this one. Black and green dominates most of the part. But the alphabets leaves looks great and add all the beauty here. We have the main categories on right. The whole concept actually looks like a tree. Thus came the “Ally Tree” for this phpLinkBid template. 🙂

We consider this to be our best template overall. Both in terms of looks and in terms of seo friendly nature.

Ally Tree PHPLinkBid template details:

Designed By: Ally

Sponsored By: Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory

(We are very thankful to Web Directory List for sponsoring this template)

Terms For Use: Ally Tree PHPLinkBid template is free to use as long as the footer links to Web Directory List and Ally Web Directory remains intact in the footer. Please note that the footer link removal option is not available. Any person/directory found using the template against our terms will be taken action against!

Partial Preview:


Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template

Download Link:

Ally Tree phpLB Version 1.2 >> Click Here To Download Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template
Ally Tree phpLB Version 1.4 >> Click Here To Download Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template

We, at Ally Directory, hope that you like the Ally Tree Free PHPLinkBid template. Any reviews feedbacks from you would be much appreciated.

Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template © Ally Web Directory.

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