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Blue Pearl PHPLinkBid Template

Posted On February 27th, 2009 By PHPLinkBid Templates

If you have been keeping with our templates, you must have noticed that our previous PHP LinkBid template named Black Pearl has been a good success so far. It has already been voted as the most popular template on phpLinkBid.

But at the same time we realized that many people couldn’t opt for that template as they do not prefer too much of black/dark color on their web directory. So we felt the need for a new color in that template and thus have come out with Blue Pearl PHPLinkBid Template 🙂

It’s a phpLinkBid theme compatible with version 1.4 of phpLinkBid. We surely had 1.6 version in mind but phpLinkBid is taking too long to bring it out of beta. So we launched the Blue Pearl for 1.4.2 itself. The theme has elegant looks all over with a colorful html based logo on top and description beside it. The template is all blue with easily readable text and has a right sidebar. This two column template will make your directory look extremely wonderful. Again you have the option of banner advertising in that template.  And with just one designer link and no sponsor link whatsoever, you definitely will love this template in every possible way!

Here is the screenshot of this template.

Blue Pearl PHPLinkBid Template

Blue Pearl PHPLinkBid Template

Designed By: Ally Web Directory.

Terms of Use: You cannot remove our designer link from the footer if you wish to use this theme. However we do offer brand removal of this theme priced at $20 per license valid for one site.

Download Link: Click Here For Blue Pearl PHPLinkBid Template.

Blue Pearl PHPLinkBid Template © Ally Web Directory.

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