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Making Web Directories Work for You

You know that maintaining a web site is in vain if you do not get enough hits to justify your existence in cyberspace. What good is it to have readily available information if nobody is seeing that information?

One way of making sure that you get more hits everyday is being chosen by web search engines as one of the most relevant sites to a search query. Increasing your visitor hits is directly proportional to the probability of getting picked by search engines. But even if search engines are the foremost sources of visitor hits, you should nonetheless look for more ways to increase your popularity in the internet. If there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to increase your web site’s popularity.

Getting your site listed in a web directory is one way to increase your popularity. Web directories are the lists in the net that surfers visit to know all possible choices they have on a certain service or product category. This is the convenience store version of the web where everything related to a certain topic can be found in one list. If you are part of a web directory, your site becomes more accessible to people who know precisely what they are looking for.

You have to choose your web directory with care. It should be a directory that is itself popular. If people do not know about the web directory you have enlisted in, you will not get your desired response. You should also choose a web directory that is really relevant to the information in your site. If yours is a web site about insurance, it would be sound to join an insurance directory.

You should also choose a web directory that will give you as much exposure as possible. To that end, the web directory you settle on should be look professional and uncluttered. Ever saw a free classified ads paper where everything looks so haphazardly put together that you cannot really find what you’re looking for? Some web directories, especially free ones, look like that. Your potential clients may not find you in that case. Therefore, go with a free web directory if yours is just a personal site wishing to provide some information. But if your web site is crucial to your business plans, it would be better to sign up with a paid web directory like Ally Web Directory.

And within a directory, increase the probability of getting pulled up: first, by using popular keywords in the link you submit; and second, by adhering to the web directories format instructions and guidelines. Doing the former makes your links, and thus your site, easier to find in directory. Doing the latter would make you compatible with the web directory’s design and increase the likelihood of being chosen.

A web directory can indeed be a valuable tool, but you have to give it the attention and thought needed to make it work for you.

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