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Anna Nicole Smith Biography

Posted On April 15th, 2010 By Celebrity Biographies

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith, born as Vickie Lynn Marshall, was a popular American model, actress, sex symbol and a prominent television personality. She initially gained success with “Playboy” and became the “Playmate of the Year” in 1993. During her career, she modelled for recognized clothing companies such as Lane Bryant and Guess jeans. She also appeared in her own reality show called “The Anna Nicole Show”.

Early Life

Vickie Lynn Marshall was born in Harris County, Texas on November 8th, 1967. She was the only child of Virgie Mae and Donald Eugene Hogan. She later changed her stage name to “Anna Nicole Smith”. Her parents were divorced in 1969, when her father left the family. She was raised by her mother Virgie, who was a law enforcement officer in Texas for 28 years. Her mother married several times after that.

Anna attended the “Durkee Elementary School” as well as the “Aldine Intermediate School” in Houston, Texas. She went to live with her mother’s sister in Mexia while she was in grade 9. She attended the Mexia High School and failed her freshman year. Anna Nicole quit school as soon as she entered her sophomore year. She then started working at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken as a waitress in Mexia. During her tenure at the restaurant, she met Billy Wayne Smith, who happened to be the cook there. She was 17 and he was 16, when the couple got married on April 4th, 1985. She gave birth to their son, the very next year, and was named “Daniel Wayne Smith”.

Anna Nicole and Billy were separated in 1987 and she moved back to Houston with her year-old son Daniel. The couple got officially divorced in February, 1993. later on, Anna started working at Wal-Mart and then again as a waitress in Red Lobster. She then became an exotic dancer and started taking modelling as well as voice lessons in 1993. In October, 1993, she found an ad in the local newspaper about the auditions for the ‘Playboy’ magazine.

Marriage to J. Howard Marshall

While she was performing at the ‘Gigi’s’, a local strip club in Houston, she met an elderly oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. They started dating in October 1991 and maintained a two year relationship. During this time, he reportedly sent her lavish gifts and asked her to marry several times. After officially getting divorced from Billy, she got married to Marshall on June 24th, 1994. Anna Nicole was 26, whereas Marshall was 89 when they got married in Houston. This led to a great deal of gossip and there were speculations that she married him for his money. Although she never lived with him, she maintained that she was in love with her husband and age was of no importance to her. 13 months after the wedding, Marshall died on 4th August, 1995.

PlayBoy and Modelling Career

There came a major turning point in the life of Anna Nicole Smith in the year 1992. She was chosen by Hugh Hefner as the new cover girl for the March 1992 issue. She was featured as Vickie Smith and wore an attractive low-cut gown. She gave a statement where she said she wished to become ‘the next Marilyn Monroe’. She became one of the most popular models of the ‘Playboy’ magazine and was larger and heavier than a typical model. She was chosen as the ‘Playmate of the Year’ in 1993. Before the award pictorial, she started using her name as “Anna Nicole Smith”.

Later on, she signed a contract to replace the existing supermodel Claudia Schiffer in the advertisement campaign for Guess Jeans. She became popular with her series of sensuous black and white photographs. Her team at Guess strongly capitalized on her resemblance to Jayne Mansfield, another sex symbol. Just before Christmas that year, she modelled for the clothing company from Sweden called Hennes & Mauritz. Her underwear seductive poses became popular in Norway and Sweden.

On August 24, 1994, New York magazine used a photo of Anna in an issue which was titled as the “White Trash Nation”. She was squatting in a short skirt in the picture with cowboy boots while eating chips. In October that year, Anna’s lawyer issued a $5,000,000 lawsuit in opposition to the magazine for the unauthorized use of her picture and that the article had greatly damaged her reputation. Her lawyer also stated that Anna was told that the magazine was going to cover the “All American Woman Look” and the cover picture was originally taken for fun during the break time.

Death and Funeral

On September 10, 2006, Anna Nicole Smith lost her 20 year old son Daniel, while he was visiting his mother in the hospital to see his newly born sister. After the second autopsy, it was confirmed that he died due to a drug overdose, supposedly consuming a lethal combination of Methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft.

Despite the rise in her career, she experienced a lot of tragedy in her personal life. At the age of 39, she was found dead in her hotel room on February 8, 2007. The authorities at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hotel confirmed, after several weeks, that the death may perhaps be a result of accidental drug overdose. She had been taking different kinds of medications before she died.

After her death, there were numerous speculations regarding the paternity of her newly born daughter DannieLynn, including one of the claims made by Prince Frederick Von Anhalt. After the DNA results in April 2007, it was announced that Larry Birkhead was the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter. Her lawyer Howard K. Stern was also known to be romantically linked with her; however the custody was later granted to Birkhead. Anna Nicole Smith made headlines all across the world and was paid a tribute by the Playboy Magazine. At the same time as being ridiculed for her spacey persona, she was also admired for her journey to success, amidst several difficulties. After she died, she was compared to Jean Marlow as well as Marilyn Monroe.

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  1.   Mike Fisher Says:

    A new book on the life and death of Anna Nicole will be out this summer. It’s called “The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith”

  2.   Ali Says:

    Hello and a big Thank you

  3.   Ankur Sharma Says:

    She got married to Marshall on June 24 …… 19 ‘8’ 4


  4.   Celebrity Biographies Says:

    Thanks Ankur! It was an error while writing. I have changed it to 1994 now. Thanks for pointing it out!

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