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Ally Times PHPLD Template

Posted On October 2nd, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

Ally Times PHPLD Template is the sixth of the ten template series and this one is one of the best of all. Ally Times Template was designed keeping in mind a pure HTML based Search Engine friendly template with the design and concept of something that has been used widely since many years.

This phpLD template has a top horizontal navigation menu, a nicely placed logo, description and the search bar. Striking feature includes a “Date” functionality, placed right beneath the search bar. It pulls out the date for the visitor and displays the date as “Today is Sunday, Day/Month/Year”. The category box is pretty simple. The template supports a right sidebar with enough space for your 200 pixels wide advertisements/banners.

Ally Times is a tested on all the popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 6 and IE7.

More Information On Ally Times PHPLD Template:

Designed By: Web Directory

Supported By: Secured Home Loans

Terms of Use: “Ally Times” PHPLinkDirectory template is free to use but you are not allowed to remove the footer links to the designer “PHPLD Templates” and supporter “Secured Home Loans”.

PHPLD Version : Ally Times PHPLD Template Is Only Available For 2.x Versions (i.e. v2.1.2 or v2.2.0)

Download Link: Click Here To Download Ally Times Template. (Downloaded 2451 Times)

Note: Although are templates are thoroughly tested and checked before launch, yet we request you to take a backup before installing any template.

Preview Of The Template:

Ally Times Free PHPLD Template

Ally Times Free PHPLD Template

Please do leave your feedback or comments, if you appreciate our work!
Ally Times PHPLD Template © Ally Web Directory.

3 Responses to Ally Times PHPLD Template

  1.   Bob Says:

    I really love this template. I currently have phpLD 2.2 but plan on upgrading to 3.4 very soon! I would be totally happy to get a template just like this for that version! Thanks for the free version! 😀

  2.   Treb Says:

    Very simple and neat, but i cant use. I’m using 3.2. I’m hoping that you would make latest version of this one ..

  3.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Sorry Gilbert/Treb. I don’t think we will be converting our ten 2.2 template series to 3.x or 4.x series.

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