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EcoBlue PHPLD Template

Posted On June 19th, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

Few days back, we launched the EcoGreen PHPLinkDirectory template. We got a great response from many people. Most of them liked the template for it’s simplicity and uniqueness. And most liked the easiness to edit the template. It’s really very easy to integrate adsense on the template and as one of our template user mentioned, he observed 300 percent increase in his adsense revenue after using our template and integrating adsense right in the place where “Latest Featured Listing” is placed. Indeed his directory looks great and certainly will give him good money! Anyways, you can try out our EcoGreen template as well. Visit : EcoGreen phpLD Template for more details.

We have now brought the EcoGreen template in a new color for you. It’s a very pretty Blue and thus we named it as EcoBlue! Most of the features are same as that in EcoGreen template. The template already supports “Latest Featured Link” and “Site of the Day” mod. Instruction for installation are included in the package itself. I hope you will like the new colors and give us even a better response than before.

EcoBlue Template Details:

Designed By: Free PHPLD Templates.

Sponsored By: Strongest Directory.

Terms for Use: All versions of EcoBlue template have a footer link to Free PHPLD Templates and Strongest Directory. EcoBlue phpLD template is a free to use template. However you are not allowed to remove the links to the designer and sponsor. Also, the footer link removal option at a cost, is not available. So please, do not remove the links!

PHPLD Versions: EcoBlue phpLD Template is available for four PHPLD Versions (v3.2.0, v3.1.0, v3.0.6 and v2.1.2)

Download Link:


EcoBlue PHPLD Template

EcoBlue PHPLD Template

We at Ally Web Directory, would appreciate if you leave your feedbacks and reviews for EcoBlue template. We hope that you like our work!

Eco Blue phpLD Template © Ally Web Directory

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