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Elegance PHPLD Template

Posted On September 26th, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

Beautiful looks is all this elegant template has got. Brilliant color combination’s and is definitely very pleasing to the eyes.

Elegant template is the third of the ten template series that we are going to launch this week. This template works on the new PHPLD 2.x versions. With the colors of white, sky blue, orange, black and many shades of blue, please be assured that this template will never look bad on any niche directory. With a top horizontal navigation bar, the template has a right sidebar with “About Us” column and “Banner Space” and “Your Links Area”. Any of these can be easily be replaced for Adsense or any other publisher ads!

Elegance Template is best suited in three categories column of phpLD and yes, it does pass CSS and XHTML validation checks. I hope you enjoy our template.

More Detailed Info On “Elegance” Template:

Designed By: Web Directory.

Supported By: UK Secured Loans.

Terms Of Use : Although we specify our Terms for using our templates every time, yet we find many people trying to remove the designer and supporter’s credits. Please note that it is very easy to find the defaulters. And all of them do put back the template footer links in the end. So it would be great of we could skip this exercise and not remove the footer links in the first place. It’s not that footer links gives us any great advantages. All we are interested in, is the Traffic. So please do not remove the credits! Thanks

The Elegance PHPLD Template have a footer link to Ally Web Directory and UK Secured Loans. “Elegance” phpLD template is a free to use template as long as Terms of Use are followed.

PHPLD Version : Elegance Template Is Only Available For 2.x Version (i.e. v2.1.2 or v2.2.0)

Download Link: Click Here To Download Elegance Template. (Downloaded 2247 Times)

Screenshot :

Elegance PHPLD Template

Elegance PHPLD Template

We hope many of you understand our situation and what we meant in Terms Of Use. You people are the reason we design and launch templates. Don’t be the reason behind us “Not Designing” anymore. Thanks

We would appreciate your feedbacks. Do Subscribe to our PHPLD Template section to stay in touch with the latest. Thanks

Elegance PHPLD Template © Ally Web Directory

7 Responses to Elegance PHPLD Template

  1.   Tutyana Says:

    Thanks for the great template. I really like it. I just downloaded the template and install it for my new directory site. However, I have a problem with the Guidelines page, why the page is empty. I also didn’t find guidelines.php file in the zip file. Could you let me know what is wrong?

    Thank you in advance for your help – Tutyana

  2.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Thanks for bringing it to our notice Tutyana
    I have fixed the files. Please use guideline.tpl for editing the guidelines. Kindly download the new zip file again. And thanks for pointing the missing file. Good luck with your directory!

  3.   Tutyana Says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. But I still couldn’t find the missing file – guidelines.php – in the new zip file (just downloaded from the download link above). Please help me. Thanks again.

  4.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Hello Tutyana. I checked the download zip file thrice. The guidelines.php file does exist. When you extract the zip file you will get a folder named “Elegance”. After you open that folder you will find another folder named “template” and two php files named contact.php and guidelines.php.
    I just hope that you downloaded the file correctly. If you still can’t find it, then make a new php file, named guidelines.php and add the following code in that:


    Upload this guidelines.php to root of your directory and you are all set to go with the guidelines then. Thanks

  5.   Tutyana Says:

    I found that guidelines.php file now. Awesome! Thank you very much your kind assistance and prompt reply. I really appreciate it. ~ Tutyana

  6.   Lin Says:

    When I installed the template on 2.1.2, there’s an error Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: “admin/messages.tpl” in /home2/xxx/public_html/dir/libs/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

    How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.

  7.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Lin, that is a general error message that you get if installation went wrong somewhere. Probably i could help you more with the problem if i had the url of your directory! Thanks

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