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Ally Morning WordPress Theme

Posted On October 29th, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

A new day has come. Touched by the nature, Ally Directory brings to you a new theme called Ally Morning!

The theme on a general survey was concluded as a “One of the sweetest themes ever seen”. It’s very very pleasing to the eyes. And ofcourse it can be used on any niche weblogs.

The theme works with the latest version and has been tested on Major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. We have also tested the theme to work well with “Image Caption” feature of wordpress. In fact, our all previous themes are also being updated for the same reason.

Ally Morning is a widget ready theme!


Ally Morning WordPress Theme

Ally Morning WordPress Theme

Live Demo Link: WordPress Demo.

Download Theme: Ally Morning WordPress Theme.

Please Note: The theme is free to use. You may modify it but you are not allowed to redistribute or recreate this theme. Also, it will be good for both of us that you don’t remove the footer credits to the designer Ally Web Directory! That’s all we ask!

We hope you like our work. Please feel free to blog about our theme! Thanks you!

Ally Morning WordPress Theme © Ally Web Directory.

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