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Ally Orange WordPress Theme

Posted On May 22nd, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

Ally Orange is a free wordpress theme by Ally Web Directory. The theme is pretty simple yet very very elegant! It reminds me somewhat of chocolate cookies and orange cream. It’s really wonderful!

Ally Orange wordpress theme is a two column template, with left sidebar. It has a fluid width., alternating colors in sidebar for headings, but is non widgetized! But you will love it to bits. It’s too much spacious indeed. Goes very well with the title publisher ads theme or Adsense theme as many call it!

Let’s have a look at the screenshot:

Ally Orange WordPress Theme

Ally Orange WordPress Theme

You can always check our themes in our live demo. You really will love this beautiful theme.

Please Note: Ally Orange Theme is provided by “Free WordPress Themes” and our supporter “Jobs from Go Job Search” So do not remove the credits from the footer of Ally Orange wordpress theme in any case. Thanks

Preview Link: Ally Orange WordPress Theme.

Download Link: Download Ally Orange Theme.

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Ally Spiral WordPress Theme

Posted On October 24th, 2007 By Ally Web Directory

Ally Spiral WordPress Theme is yet another creation of Ally Web Directory. Ally Spiral is more of a business niche theme, however it can be used generally on all kind of niches.

Ally Spiral WordPress Theme is a free to use wordpress theme which is a two column theme with right sidebar. It has a mix of elegant brown and black colors and is professionally designed for business and other purposes.

Let’s have a look at the screenshot:


Ally Spiral WordPress Theme

This is again the low resolution of actual theme. For precise looks, checkout the preview link below.

The template is designed by WordPress Themes and Supported By Web Directory List.

Please Note: The link removal option for the designer and supporters are not allowed.

Preview Link: Ally Spiral WordPress Theme.

Download Link: Click Here For Ally Spiral WordPress Theme.

We would appreciate your feedbacks and comments and queries on this theme.

Please, if you are blogging about our themes, then do not link to direct download file, instead link to the respective blog post. Thanks

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