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Ally Spiral WordPress Theme

Posted On October 24th, 2007 By Ally Web Directory

Ally Spiral WordPress Theme is yet another creation of Ally Web Directory. Ally Spiral is more of a business niche theme, however it can be used generally on all kind of niches.

Ally Spiral WordPress Theme is a free to use wordpress theme which is a two column theme with right sidebar. It has a mix of elegant brown and black colors and is professionally designed for business and other purposes.

Let’s have a look at the screenshot:


Ally Spiral WordPress Theme

This is again the low resolution of actual theme. For precise looks, checkout the preview link below.

The template is designed by WordPress Themes and Supported By Web Directory List.

Please Note: The link removal option for the designer and supporters are not allowed.

Preview Link: Ally Spiral WordPress Theme.

Download Link: Click Here For Ally Spiral WordPress Theme.

We would appreciate your feedbacks and comments and queries on this theme.

Please, if you are blogging about our themes, then do not link to direct download file, instead link to the respective blog post. Thanks

5 Responses to Ally Spiral WordPress Theme

  1.   Vimm Says:

    I like the theme but have two comments.

    1. There is no link to the main entries feed or comments feed anywhere on the theme.

    2. The link to the rss graphic is hard coded as “/wp-content/themes/ally-spiral/images/rss.gif” on line 19 of index.php. I suggest changing it to “/wp-content/themes/’.get_settings(‘stylesheet’).’/images/rss.gif” so that it will not be broken if the theme’s folder name is changed. In previous versions it was hard coded to “ally_spiral” and did not load.

  2.   Vimm Says:

    Just though of something else too.

    3. There is no wp_footer included in the footer. I suggest adding a wp_footer() either before closing the footer div or after.

  3.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Hello Vimm

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    We have temporarily removed the download link to this theme. We will get the things right with the theme and soon put back the link to a better coded ally spiral wordpress theme. Thanks for your help and suggestions. We really appreciate that.


  4.   Henri Boodee Says:


    I would really like to use the ally-spiral theme as a content page manager as well as a blog in WordPress. I would like to create a page template with no sidebar at all, but also have the blog with the sidebar.

    Is there a way to accomplish this?

    Thank you.

  5.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    Henri, it is possible to do that. But would require proper coding. I think removing sidebar.php from page-template.php will do the trick.

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