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Morning Dew PHPLinkDirectory Theme

Posted On October 17th, 2008 By Ally Web Directory

Finally, the last of the lot. The tenth template of our ten template series of 2.X version templates of phpLD, which we started in mid September, finishes today after complete one month.

Morning Dew PHPLinkDirectory template promises to keep your directory, look fresh all day long. As fresh as the morning dew itself. The first look at the template will take you to those beautiful grasslands, on an early morning with mist all around. The colors, the design will please any person who visits your directory.

Morning Dew phpLD template is a two column, left sidebar template. It’s an adsense ready template with advertising space enough to store your 200 pixels wide banners. The template has a beautiful hover effect on the horizontal navigation bar which is placed above the category structure. The template is good to go on any niche directory.

More Details:

Designed By: Free PHPLD Templates.

Supported By: Fast Secured Loans.

PHPLD Version: Morning Dew template works on phpLD version 2.1.2/2.2.0

Terms for Use: You are not allowed to add nofollow attribute to the footer links of designer and supporter or remove them in any circumstances. You may not redistribute the template without our consent. Template is however free to use as long as Terms of Use are followed.

Download Link: Click Here To Download Morning Dew phpLD template. (Downloaded 5928 Times)


Morning Dew PHPLinkDirectory Theme

Morning Dew PHPLinkDirectory Theme

I hope you liked our ten template series. Any feedback or any suggestion, then please do let us know.

Morning Dew phpLD Theme © Ally Web Directory.

3 Responses to Morning Dew PHPLinkDirectory Theme

  1.   Jimmy Thomas Says:


    Thanks for this nice theme, i have added theme for my website, but contact page not functioning.

    Update appreciated.


  2.   Austin Says:

    Thanks for sharing this template here.
    I have download this template but i don’t understand how to use. I am a fresher, if anybody know any resource from where can i get detail information about this template than please share here or send me mail

  3.   Ally Web Directory Says:

    You need the script first. Headever to and download the free version and buy the premium version. Then you need the template according to the version

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