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Free PHPLinkBid Template

Posted On May 16th, 2007 By PHPLinkBid Templates

PHPLinkBid is a script famous for bidding directories. Bidding directories are one which behaves in the same manner as a normal web directory, but the only difference is that you can control the placement of your listing as per the amount of bid you make on the listing. So you are not restricted on the amount that is to be paid for the listing, unlike as it was in Web Directories. A popular Bid Directory running on such a script is Bidding Directory (just in case you want to know how thing goes!)

Ally Web Directory now offer Free PHPLinkBid templates for webmasters using PHPLinkBid script for their bidding directories. We hope to release many PHPLinkBid templates in the future, all free, just for your directories. We will keep you updated via PHPLinkBid Templates whenever we launch a template. 🙂

Hope to see your feedbacks flowing in!

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